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Monday, March 7, 2011

Over-Nurturing in Public

I have said before that I don’t appreciate it when you tell me you’re ready and you actually are not.

Here’s another thing I really don’t appreciate:

It seems the dynamic between older couples is a little different from what I’m comfortable with. The women want to treat their dinner experience as if they are preparing the meal themselves, at home. They want to make sure their husband (H) gets exactly what he wants and they want to be very involved with this decision, to the point where the wives (W) begin to interfere with me doing my job. It goes a little something like this…

Me: Are you ready to order?

H: I’ll have the roast beef dinner.

W: Are you sure you want the roast beef? You had that last time.
They have turkey...

H: Yes, I want the roast beef.

Me: Ok, great! You get to choose two dinner sides from this list.

H: I’ll have the rice and the green beans.

W: The rice? Are you sure? They have baked potatoes.

H: Yes, I’ll have the rice.

Me: Ok, got it! Roast beef with rice and green beans.

W: The green beans? You had green beans yesterday.
Do you want carrots? You like carrots...

H: I want the green beans.

W: Do you want a salad instead? You like the salad here.

H: I’ll have the roast beef with rice and green beans.

Me: And what would YOU like, Ma’am?

W: Are you sure you don’t want the mashed potatoes?
You like the gravy here…

Please don’t argue with your husband about his dinner choices. Believe me, if he loved you before you sat down, he will love you after he is allowed to choose his own food. You are driving me crazy and you know who you are.

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