I have been working as a food server off and on since I was fourteen and it never gets any less interesting. This is not about fine dining, its about the flip side of the industry working in the trenches of the massive national restaurant chains. Laugh or cry, people!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Readers - Pages

Dear Readers,

This blog is a recent work in progress.

I’ve just enabled the “pages” aspect of my blog.

Expect to be disappointed if you check them out now.

I plan to have a full cast on there, but I have to be careful.

I want you to know these people as I know them – not actually know them.

Patience, infidels.

- Pancake Grrrl ( more GROWL than Girl…)

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  1. I'm still mostly confused about all the aspects of blogger - let me know if you find any good tips or tricks!